We are a Canadian company in business since 1972. We specialize in the selective tasting, purchasing , packaging and marketing of only the very best grade and quality of Pure Ceylon Tea . The founder and President of the company previously managed and operated tea estates in Ceylon , presently named Sri Lanka, with distinguished ability and distinction for over 17 years.

Our defined company policy is to offer consumers a remarkably superior grade quality of unblended Pure Ceylon Tea that is professionally and exclusively chosen by our tea tasters.

These carefully chosen estate teas are from well made “ Primary Grades” from high mountain grown single estates which are rich in natural flavor and provides a smooth and delicious taste that only a superior grade and quality Black Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) can offer.

Nature’s Choice Pure Ceylon Tea is the brand name and its notable features are:

a) It is 100% superior grade unblended tea of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) origin . This “Primary Grade” tea is derived from the two tender leaves and bud which is the juiciest leaves of the harvested crop . It is this grade, derived from these juicy leaves, that delivers the most in natural flavour, delicious taste, and goodness.

b) It is entirely from selected single estates that are located at altitudes of over 4000 feet, in districts where the finest tasting and flavourful teas are grown.

c) It is packaged without blending and plantation fresh to preserve the intrinsic
superior qualities of this exclusively chosen estate teas for the special benefit of consumers who prefer to enjoy a unique quality of tea that is rich in natural flavour, smooth taste, and goodness.

Private Label

We undertake Private Label orders from business and private clients on tea grade and quality that is selected by us and approved by the client . Please contact us by e-mail with your inquiries for quality Private Label tea .

E-mail: privatelabel@natureschoicetea.com


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